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Why Engage fi?

Disruption in the industry will impact your payments portfolio. Engage fi helps mid-size banks and credit unions overcome challenges and remain high performers.  

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A financial institution's payments portfolio may make up as much as 40% of its non-interest income. At Engage fi we understand just how important payments portfolios are to the health of your bank or credit union. That's why we serve clients with data-driven strategies that drive performance. We are here to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Payments Strategy Consulting

Payments portfolios are complex, and so is managing them. On top of that, digital transactions are changing how credit/debit cards are used, adding further disruption.

Without a strategy for the future and a plan to get there, the changing payments industry puts portfolios at risk. You deserve a collaborative partner who can help maximize your bank or credit union's income, reduce expenses, and mitigate that risk.

How Engage fi Can Help

Bank and credit union clients benefit from working jointly with consultants who are versed in technologies that enable institutions to remain competitive and top-of-wallet. We work with our clients to understand portfolio opportunities and risks and devise strategies aimed at increasing performance. Leverage our industry knowledge to benefit the bottom line.


Multi-Channel Payments 

The payments ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace, leaving payments professionals at community financial institutions with more questions than answers. With 20-30 active projects taking place at any given time, Engage fi's payments consulting team keeps a pulse on the shifting landscape and helps our clientele boost portfolio performance to include multi-channel POS payment products intended to improve efficiencies and create meaningful customer and member experiences.     


The Customer First Approach

We work with financial institutions of all sizes across the United States. Our tailored expertise, comprehensive support, and passionate advocacy guarantee our clients the results they not only desire but also deserve. Whether we are negotiating brand and network contract pricing and terms, or developing a payments strategy catered to your unique situation, clients like Launch Credit Union and Bayer Heritage Credit Union have found success when partnering with Engage fi.  


Our credit union has been on the same credit card platform for 35 years. The Engage fi team was instrumental in our payment transformation and in helping us determine the right vendors to take us into the future. We started out looking at credit cards but soon realized the larger opportunity in negotiating Debit and Visa/Mastercard at the same time and we are glad we did. We highly recommend Engage fi to anyone considering an evaluation of their payments strategies.
Redstone Credit Union
Harry Gunsallus | CIO
Redstone Federal Credit Union
Engage fi made our Debit Network project easy on us and handled all the heavy lifting. The PIN networks are just a mystery but the team understood what was most important to us and acted on it. Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union
tampa bay federal credit union
Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union
We appreciated the opportunity to work with Engage fi and their team of experts. They were able to create additional value for our members through contract negotiations that exceeded the value that we were able to achieve on our own.
rogue credit union
Rogue Credit Union
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Payments Team

Meet the team

From issuers and merchant acquirers to processors and network providers, we work with them all and align tailored expertise with passionate advocacy to deliver the best experience for our clients. With more than 100 years of combined knowledge, We eliminate uncertainties in managing payments performance, offering a strategic roadmap through the shifting terrain. 

Led by Director of Payments, Andrea Rusnak, mid-size banks and credit unions are in capable hands. Meet the team to learn more about their experience and what they are seeing in the market in 2024.       

Measuring Success

Results matter. At Engage fi, we proudly uphold our commitment to excellence to reflect the respect we have for our clients. Learn more about what we accomplished in 2024 with our clientele last year.  


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